The Truth Window

Welcome to The Truth Window, a podcast by Diogenes. As a seeker of truth he addresses tough topics in many arenas.

The Truth Window series comes in two parts. The Simple Truth takes up key lies that have been pushed into our society. The longer Truth Window is more in-depth research and analysis of major topics. Both seek to find the truth. As always, censorship be damned.

The truth is simple. If you stick to the truth, no lies can stick to you. –Diogenes

Here is one of the Simple Truth podcasts for you.

The freedom of speech is the linchpin for all other freedoms. Without it, democracy withers on the vine.

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It has been said that “The truth shall set you free.” It is true. In these times we all need to know the truth of what is going on around us. What you don’t know can hurt you.

What do you get?

With a free subscription you will get Newsletters, Articles and access to The Simple Truth podcasts.

In my newsletters I will alert you to important news and topics and provide links to what I consider to be reliable source information. In today’s world where the mainstream media has been captured, it is important to find sources you can trust.

As a paid subscriber you also get access to the in-depth Truth Window podcasts. In today’s crazy world verifiably false lies are touted as absolute truths that must not be questioned. On the other hand, provable truths, observable truths, are censored and derided as misinformation. The goal is confusion.

In The Truth Window podcasts I will attempt to navigate through the lies in order to uncover the truth.

Subscribe to my substack now and start listening. What you don’t know can hurt you.

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