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Funtastic Bedtime Stories

Funtastic Bedtime Stories

I love to have fun which is how I got my name. One way I share my fun with others is through writing children’s bedtime stories. In this book you will find four of my favorite children’s stories suitable to be read to kids as bedtime stories or for kids to read by themselves.

Lost in the Woods is a story like Alice in Wonderland or The Wizard of Oz, with talking animals and adventure. You will meet Jack, a boy whose tragic life desperately needs a little magic.

The Dog Prince is a classic fairy tale in which you’ll travel back in time to the land of Brink where a dog becomes the prince of an entire country.

The Wonderkind is a fantasy fairy tale about a boy who falls overboard and finds himself in the amazing world of an ancient race living beneath the surface of the earth. Fanciful animals and plants abound.

The Last Magician tells the story of Jaden, a boy who finds himself alone and adrift in a land that slowly spirals down toward oblivion. How can one small boy hope to turn back the tide of destruction?

These bedtime stories will entertain, make kids laugh and remind kids that life can be an adventure. They are fun, uplifting, and can even teach a lesson.

Regular eBook Price: $4.99

Paperback available at Amazon for $9.99: Funtastic Bedtime Stories

Knowing Numbers

Knowing Numbers addresses what has happened to make America so “math-challenged” and provides an introduction to numbers and arithmetic that will put your child on a track to excel. The easy-to-follow instructions will help you teach even the youngest of children the basics of arithmetic in a fun and challenging way.

A parent, tutor or older sibling reads the book, not the child. It was written for children of ages three through six, but will benefit older children who need strengthening in math. The majority of the exercises involve mental arithmetic done by association with objects in the environment. Seeing and handling objects in connection with numbers at an early age will lead to greater interest, fuller conceptual understanding and more confidence when being taught advanced math subjects.

Arithmetic only addresses one quality of objects, their number. In between sessions of Knowing Numbers, the child should be given lessons and activities in other subjects such as colors and shapes. To that purpose, we have included a section called “Fun with Colors,” and one called “Fun with Shapes.”

Start now. Don’t let your child fall behind.

Regular eBook Price: $4.99

Paperback available at Amazon for $16.99: Knowing Numbers

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