Short Stories

Trick of the Eye

What would you do if you were lost in the desert?

Can two people from hostile cultures overcome their differences?

This is a story of survival, love and destiny.

5-star Review from Amazon Book Buyer: A Native American-themed Gem
I loved this short story. Simply written, strikes just the right pace and tone for the occurrences. A romance with feeling and care for the Native American setting, and an unexpected ending. It conveys movingly the feeling and reality shifts so much a part of this spiritual people.

You can get the epub, mobi and pdf formats.
At the end of the story there is a link to a full length mystery thriller. Enjoy!

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Dr. Laslo Reingard unlocks a secret about time which could help all of mankind. He finds himself targeted for death or worse by a self-serving government agency determined to control his discovery. Will Laslo master his newfound power in time to save the one person willing to help him? Hangtime is an exciting new short story from master storyteller Jack Thompson.

5-stars for Hangtime: I loved this story. The author drew me in to Dr. Laslo’s world and I found myself intrigued by his invention and rooting for him to win. This story is entertaining and well-paced. It is well-written and suspenseful with a nice twist at the end. There’s even a bit of romance. I highly recommend it.

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Blue is for Boys

After a weekend of fun and excess he can’t remember, Ravi wakes to a living nightmare that will change him forever. Soon he finds out where he is headed, and whether he likes it or not, who he is. Blue is for Boys is an outrageous science fiction short story with a new take on the battle of the sexes. It’s fun. It’s wild. It’s personal.

Book Buyer 5-star Review: Witty, brilliant and INCREDIBLY funny, Blue Is For Boys mixes down-to-earth attitudes, futuristic thinking and a whole load of comedy in a cocktail that anyone can love! And make it shaken, not stirred please.

I couldn’t put this book down once I picked it up. It’s hard not to downright burst out laughing while reading. The text is fresh and witty, but the characters are portrayed so realistically. I could easily put myself into Ravi’s shoes and imagine every step of his wild predicament.

This story is well worth reading for anyone who’s looking for a good time and a bigger laugh!

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The Companion

This short story introduces Ax Weller, a space miner who has collected strange tales from his decades spent in the remote regions of deep space. “The Companion” is the tale of an explorer left for dead on a desolate moon and the unlikely relationship that helps him survive.

The Companion gets 5 stars: This is a great short story. It’s got a good pace, interesting characters and a surprise ending. I think it would have been great as one of the original Star Trek episodes. I really like Ax Weller. I’m ready for more of his tales!

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