Author Edward Jack Thompson is now publishing educational books.

The Basic Education Series is intended to make learning fun and easy, and encourage students to expand their knowledge in all directions by connecting to the world around them in a positive manner.

Knowing Numbers addresses what has happened to make America so “math-challenged” and provides an introduction to numbers and arithmetic that will put your child on a track to excel. The easy-to-follow instructions will help you teach even the youngest of children the basics of arithmetic in a fun and challenging way.

Orientation. Extroversion. Competence. Making Sense uses all the senses to bring a young child into better confront and control of his body and environment. The simple and clear format makes it easy for you as a parent and fun for your child.

Being a private tutor has given me a unique perspective on education. By working with students from public schools, private schools and homeschool, I have seen a wide variety of educational systems. I have also worked with many different textbooks, teachers and curricula. All of that has led to insights on what’s broken about our educational system and how we can make it better.

In my newsletter and podcast series I share information and insights into the latest news on education and also address major topics like big pharma’s role in education, mental health of our children, the dumbing of America, the attack on families and freedom, censorship in academia, lost knowledge and a variety of educational topics.

Ed Thompson,

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