Crackerjack Publishing is dedicated to producing high quality books featuring authors Jack Thompson and Fun London. Established in 2010, we have successfully launched titles in the mystery, thriller, science fiction, poetry and children’s literature genres.

This year we’ve introduced the Basic Education Series including educational materials for children of different ages and the Basic Ed podcasts with news and information for parents and educators.

We also have a featured guest, Diogenes of Tampa, who does research and commentary on current events and a broad range of cultural topics including politics.

Jack Thompson

Jack Thompson is an international bestselling author finding voices in many genres. In addition to his popular Raja Williams mystery thriller series, Jack writes science fiction, political thrillers, paranormal romance, children’s stories and poetry.

“I started writing fiction in part because I noticed that too many of the popular books and shows have succumbed to the contagion of gruesome, graphic violence and pornographic, perverted sex. The competition for an audience seems to be pushing art into the dwindling spiral of raw, horrific pain and hot, steamy sex, even combining the two.

“I believe that good art doesn’t have to rely on those to have an impact on a reader.

“What makes a story great is how well it communicates to the reader. Whether presenting him with a hero he wishes he could be or a villain he chooses to hate, the characters must relate to the reader on a personal level. A reader will leave a good story in an improved condition. He may have learned something new about the world or himself, or simply been well entertained.” -Jack Thompson

Mystery Thrillers

Raja Williams Series

Great escape with rich characters, twists and turns.

Each book in the 12-volume series takes you on an adventure to a new location.

Brilliant. Fearless. Unstoppable. Raja Williams is a private detective who is relentless in his pursuit of justice. Neither the dark, tragic anti-hero nor the James Bond super-hero type, Raja uses his intuitive genius and penetrating empathy to unravel mysteries. He and his partner Vinny Moore, a high-tech hacker with brains and beauty, do whatever it takes to help those who have nowhere else to turn.


The Rand Principle
Political Thriller

Leeland Rand finds out when the U.S. government names him a national security threat and wants him dead. Is he a killer or a pawn in a deadly game of cat and mouse? Or both?


Psychological Thriller

Is it a serial killer the FBI is hunting, a deadly and twisted blackmail plot, or something more sinister at work? Murder is never simple.

A compelling, dark tale that explores obsession and the harrowing depths to which men fall when under its spell.


when venus rules

Science Fiction

Science fiction has gone from an obscure scientific field of writing to a mainstream cultural phenomenon. Science fiction stories and books create universes that let all of us think outside the box of what we call normal everyday life.

Today ideas considered fantastic when first written have become reality. Science fiction continues to point the way to the future.


Poetry is:

Balm for the body,
Melody for the mind,
Exercise for the soul,
Lyrics for life.


Fun London

Alfundo “Fun” London was born in Florence, Italy. His mother was a beautiful blonde tarantella dancer with an adventurous spirit. Much less is known of his father, a sailor who was lost in the stormy seas off the coast of Ithaca shortly after Fun was conceived. After spending his youth on the island of Corsica learning the language and ways of the French, he found his way to America where he now resides. He spent summers working for a carnival where he met many interesting people who fueled his imagination.

“I have always loved life, and I find each person I meet to be of great interest. I believe in the basic goodness in us all and in the joy of creating. I write to bring some of my joy to others. Remember, if you’re not having fun, you’re not doing it right.” -Fun London

Children’s Stories

Fun London writes stories that have action, that entertain, that make us laugh and remind us that life can be an adventure. Although his stories are often read by young people, many adults find them entertaining as well. They are written for the children in us all.

Read more about Fun London’s stories and listen free to the story of how a dog became the prince of an entire country.


Funtastic PB cover

Basic Education Series

A Renaissance in Education

The Basic Education Series includes books and materials offered to assist parents and children with learning. In addition, Basic Ed podcasts highlight departures from and false information that has compromised good education practices. Other podcasts provide specific data and tools to improve the delivery of education.

Basic Education Books

The Basic Education Series books are intended to make learning fun and easy, and encourage students to expand their knowledge in all directions by connecting to the world around them in a positive manner.

Here you will find valid educational materials that are free of propaganda, indoctrination and false theories about learning and learning disability.

Making Sense uses all the senses to bring a young child into better confront and control of his body and environment.

Knowing Numbers addresses what has happened to make America so “math-challenged” and provides an introduction to numbers and arithmetic that will put your child on a track to excel.


Basic Ed Podcast

“In my Basic Ed podcasts I share information and insights into the latest news on education and also address major topics like big pharma’s role in education, mental health of our children, the dumbing of America, the attack on families and freedom, censorship in academia, lost knowledge and a variety of educational topics.” -Ed Thompson

Listen to the Basic Ed Intro Podcast now.

The Truth Window

“As George Orwell said so well, ‘In times of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act.’ Sadly, I find myself walking through the land of liars. Up is down, left is right, and right is wrong. We all must find our voices. The Truth Window is mine.

“Whenever and wherever I find wide departures from the truth, I will speak. The Truth Window addresses tough topics in any subject or arena. Censorship be damned.” -Diogenes

Learn more and listen to The Freedom of Speech Podcast now.
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